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    Public thread opened by user Zetland after migrating to new server.

    Hello Support,

    I’m currently trying to get the best score possible for my website ( and I’ve noticed from Google’s PageSpeed Insights that this file is render-blocking:

    I spoke to Frank Goossens about it, because I thought the Autoptimize plugin would have sorted this out, and he wrote back with the following:

    well, as the CSS-file is a dynamic on (i.e. .php) AO can’t aggregate/ optimize that, so it isn’t deferred which is why GSPI is flagging it. maybe check with the theme devs if the CSS can be injected inline in the HTML (in which case it would not be render blocking any more) instead of linked in a php-file?
    Would you be able to do this? Inject the CSS inline with the HTML rather than through PHP?




    We addressed this issue in the latest version theme. So pls update your theme to latest version and check.


    Ah, excellent news. What’s the simplest way to update this theme though? I’m a bit worried about wiping out my Custom CSS by using one method instead of another.



    You can follow the regular procedure if you haven’t done any modification in just delete the theme through wp-dashboard and upload latest theme zip file.
    Updating Theme –
    The way I update is to replace all files. No matter what method you use (there are plugins too like this – and to update easily), you will need to backup your changes and redo any changes you made to the files on the new installation.

    Use tools like DiffMerge or WinMerge to compare the old and new files and redo the changes. You will spend probably an hour doing this but not more, specially if you have made changes only to a few select files.

    The dashboard settings ll be retained and hence Custom CSS entered into theme options should be fine. It’s always a good idea to have a backup though. Hope this helps.


    Great, the Envato WordPress Toolkit worked really well. Thanks for your help!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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