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    My website is

    I am using the Revolution Slider to display a slideshow using the “Default Slide Template” for the home page.

    The Revolution Slider works nicely (but makes the page load very slowly) when Lazy Load is turned off.

    Turning Lazy Load on results in a faster page load, but I now consistently see a grey box instead of the first slide. Replaying the slideshow (after the page has loaded) shows the first slide correctly.

    To reproduce the problem, open the page without any cached images. The animation text appears over a grey box. The second slide loads normally. Reloading the page fixes the problem so that the first slide is displayed.

    How can I fix this? This appears to be the problem discussed on the ThemePunch website here:

    Thank you,


    Additional background information:

    * Problem occurs in Firefox and Chrome but not IE using Win7
    * The slide appears to load briefly but is replaced with the grey “dummy.png” image


    Additional information:

    The grey-box problem occurs using:

    * Running wordpress 3.9.1
    * Agile theme version 2.1

    I updated the agile theme to 2.2. The grey-box problem disappeared, but the Ken Burns effect would now start only at corner (0% 0%). I purchased the most-current version of the Revolution Slider. No grey-box problem, but the Ken Burns effect still starts at the (0% 0%) corner, not the (50% 20%) I want.

    I restored my site to the original configuration and removed lazy load as a temporary fix.

    The issues appear to be with the revolution slider. I will take my question to that site. Any suggestions on debugging or possible fixes would be appreciated.

    Thank you,


    Hi Jon,

    I don’t see any issues here in any of my browsers and I don’t get the 0% corner thing. Can you reply back here with a temp login and a screenshot of what you want to achieve? I will try to help you with that if I can :).

    But since you have purchased a license to the Revolution Slider, it is also a good thing to contact them regarding these slider settings. Thanks!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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