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    HI, which CSS styles did you use for the revolution slider on the Squash theme demo? That specific font and transparent black backgrounds is exactly what I’m looking for.




    Here is the css for the Revolution Slider caption styling.

    .tp-caption.big_white, .tp-caption.large_text, .tp-caption.medium_text2, .tp-caption.large_text2 {
    			position: absolute; 
    			color: #fff; 
    			text-shadow: none; 
      			font-family: "Raleway";
    			font-weight: 500; 		
    			margin: 0px; 
    			border-width: 0px; 
    			border-style: none;
    			font-size: 60px; 
    			line-height: 60px;			
      			background: rgba(0,0,0,0.3);
    			font-size: 30px; 
    			line-height: 40px; 				  			
    			font-size: 48px; 
    			line-height: 64px; 
      			text-align: center;  			
    			font-size: 36px; 
    			line-height: 48px; 
      			text-align: left;	
    .tp-caption.medium_text2 span, .tp-caption.medium_text span, .tp-caption.large_text span, .tp-caption.large_text2 span{
        		background: rgba(0,0,0,0.5);
      			padding: 0 10px;  
    			font-size: 48px; 
    			line-height: 64px; 

    Thanks. It’s still not looking the same but I’ll have a play.


    I hope you have loaded the revolution slider sample data file that comes bundled with the theme. Without this, it may be a bit difficult to replicate. Thanks


    I have indeed. I’ll have a play and let you know. The issues I’m having at the minute is that the backgrounds are much taller than the text, the font isn’t showing up as raleway and the text is breaking the edge of the background box. Is is to do with the <span> that’s around the test in the slider editor?


    Can’t say for sure unless I look into this. If you are still having trouble, pls reply as a private message here with the site URL and a temporary login to the WordPress dashboard and I can take a look.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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