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    Hello! Great theme but I feel like you guys need to add more documentation as there is so much and very little is offered in your documentation.

    Questions (for now)

    1. Where are all the short codes? And where do I upload new icon short codes? What size should they be for “service” page section?

    2. How can I change the color of the flex ticker? I added custom CSS recommended from your team and it did not work. I want the text black instead of white.

    .ticker-slider .slogan1 .ticker div span
    {color: #0C090A;

    p.s. I don’t see a “set as private reply” option below.


    1) The icon shortcodes with their options have been explained in the documentation. For modifying the services page section, all you have to do is to modify the class attribute of the [icon] shortcode –

    [icon class="icon-lab4"]

    As documented, you can find new icons in the page linked here –

    2) You can change the color of the flex ticker by pasting the Custom CSS into theme options –

    .ticker-slider .slogan1 .ticker div {
    color: #000;

    You can do a private reply once the forum post is created. Thanks.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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