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    Is there a way to change the “Portfolio Filter” text? We’d like to change it to “Product Filter” followed by all the product categories next to it. We couldn’t figure out where it was located to be able to change the name of it and how to have it categorize and show product pages rather than portfolios. Having a product feature like this would be way more beneficial for a product website over a “resume” website.

    I found an old post on this but the answer “Pls change it in blog-content.php line no:396.(framework -> functions -> blog-content.php)” doesn’t seem to be it. I cannot find blog-content.php nor can I find the path “framework > functions”.

    Also, the default “Shop” page that was already setup in the site at first-use uses some sort of default template that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Example: the original default “shop” page displays added products, so I’m trying to recreate a Shop2 page to do the same thing but any other page I create just let’s me choose blog, home, archive, and many columned portfolios as the template… How is a product page created in Extinct with categories and filters other than changing the portfolio filter code as inquired on above?



    So I found the path, locally.


    I can edit this in BBedit for line 396, but that’s just the local file. I don’t see this item anywhere in wordpress.

    Also, I can’t imagine changing the name in line 396 will change the function of displaying products instead of portfolios.


    The filter code is located in /framework/functions/blog-content.php file at line number 394. The actual portfolio listing happens in the function mo_display_portfolio_content_grid_style() at line number 417 of the same file.

    I am not sure though building a filter of this kind of a great idea since woocommerce already has product pages with filters built into them. You can filter the shop page by popularity, rating, date, price etc. Any particular reason why you think that does not meet your needs?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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