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    I had to open this as a new post, as someone marked my previous thread as Resolved before I had a chance to reply to it Original post 13160.

    From Phoenix:

    “Sorry to hear you are having issues.

    If you are pointing to the default title area then you can find “Remove Title Header” option in the edit page – Advanced Entry Options .
    For changing the section’s color you can apply custom CSS in themeoptions.

    For creating branding section Pls add a row element and then select 1/3 column and use icon element and text block element.Also pls add class as “features-list-alternate” in row settings.

    Pls use backend for editing. The frontend editor of Visual Composer can be a little buggy due to extensive JS involved. The backend of Visual Composer has been tested extensively and you should face no issues.

    And while adding animated skills bar and pie chart element you need to add the Id as “stats-section” in Row Settings.

    Have you imported the sample data ? If not pls import it and you will be able to check the sample pages/sections and then make changes from there.

    Yes, you can ask for a refund.”

    First, thanks for the reply. This got me on the right track. The Front End editor is just a frustrating nightmare for me.

    That said, I would rather get this working properly than asking for a refund.

    I started a row with three columns, as suggested. Although I’ve tried selecting icons with different grid sizes, they all show incredibly small.

    I tried following the CSS example on this page:

    Unfortunately, I had no success in changing the size. I replaced the class, but still no luck. Do you have an example of using CSS code in the icon style box?

    Additionally, is this the only way to change font and background colors for elements? I’m not seeing how the CSS code relates to the style boxes in the elements.


    Have you added class as features-list-alternate in row settings of branding section?Pls see the attached screenshot.

    In visual composer row settings/column settings you can set some of the CSS attributes or you can create separate css class/id and assign in the vc row or column settings.

    Pls check Themeoptions > Fonts tab, Themeoptions > Backgrounds tab .

    Or You can insert custom CSS in themeoptions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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