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    is the only way to organize portfolio items to change the item order number? If I want to put one in the middle, do I have to change all of portfolio items numbers in order to put a video chronologically in the middle of the ones already there?


    If you have the latest version of Extinct, the only way to order the portfolio items is by sorting by date. If you have the older version which sorts based on menu order attribute of the portfolio, then you can either use the Quick Edit feature of Portfolio tab or better you can use a popular plugin like this one –


    And if you have the latest version of the Extinct loaded, you can modify the date published to tweak the position of the portfolio. Hope this helps.


    Hi guys,
    My problem is related to this.

    My portfolio order shows up as from oldest to newest, as in the newest dated portfolio post/item shows up at the end of the list and the oldest item shows up in the beginning of the list. i want the newest post first and oldest post last!

    How do I fix this?

    Grateful for any help!


    Can you pls check the above solution?


    Thanks, Phoenix. I will try the plug-in as a last resort. But there must be a way to organize the posts in the right order. I have the latest wordpress version and have sorted all the posts by date and they still show up in a different order. Is there anywhere in the menu settings to choose display order?


    Can you pls share a link to your site with temporary login details as a private reply here?

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    Its better to use “Post Types Order” Plugin . I have installed the same and it is working well on your site. The advantage is that anytime you can reorder items by simply drag and drop .

    Or you can arrange the date so that it will appear in correct order since the date will not be visible to users.


    Ok, thanks for the help!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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