Odd video anomaly on ipad

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    Hey hey…
    I am having an issue with what I think may be something related to the Extinct theme. But I am not sure. So I thought I would ask here to get some feedback on the matter and perhaps someone here will know why this is happening.

    I am using a plugin called Video WordPress Plugin, purchased from an envato author.

    I have had it working beautifully on other WP sites without any issues.
    However, within the Extinct theme, videos displayed on an iPad load/play very small and inside a larger, specified size container. (On a computer, they look fine.)

    See these two links on and Ipad and a computer and compare:
    Video- About Us
    Video Reel-Test
    FYI-These are self-hosted videos.

    If any of you guys know why this “shrinkage” would be occurring on an iPad, I would be greatly thankful for any advice.



    Hi! I’m really sorry bu I am unaware of a problem existing between our Theme and this plugin. We cannot give support to third party plugins, however, I can recommend that you check that both the plugin and the Theme are compatible with WP latest version.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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