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    At first I’d like to thank for your support and you really have good quality service. I want to fix several things, and I cannot find any way how to do that.

    1) I have attached photo to make it easier to understand. I’m not able to put hyperlink in the slider buttons. I’ve changed link but it still redirects me to homepage. (Attached photo, red sign)

    2) In the same slider Georgian font cannot be read and it displays question marks and etc. (attached photo, blue sign)

    3) in the contacts page, I cannot make map visible. I’m inserting link, but it won’t work.

    4) How to disable comments on whole website?

    5) I want to put upcoming events on homepage, but I cannot find anything for that. in previously created topic, as suggested by support I downloaded “Widget Shortcode” which should have worked in this case, but it didn’t affect anything.

    Best regards

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    1. Hope you have managed this.I can see that now it is pointing to team page.

    2. Will get back to you ASAP.

    3. Pls go through this link –


    1) It still redirects me to homepage. I think you are looking at another hyperlink. It’s the button shown in upper attached photo.

    2) We are waiting and please make it asap.

    3) Thank You, Map is done.

    4) Still waiting

    5) Still waiting


    1) Can you pls disable all plugins once and check? I do not have enough permissions to check which plugins are loaded on your site. I am suspecting that a plugin is loaded which perhaps has button shortcode defined in it overriding the one defined by the theme. The exact shortcode works perfectly fine on our demo site.

    while it fails in your site.

    2) Sorry for the delay – we simply did not track this better. But I now see that the fonts are showing up fine on my Windows box at least although I had issues with Mac Chrome. Pls see below screenshot.

    Can you pls check once if this is happening on your side as well?

    4) I do not know of a way to disable comments across site. You can try this plugin which should let you do that with a few clicks –

    5) Can you try using “Events List” widget? If the widget works, we can try getting the widget shortcode to work. Unfortunately, we do not have enough permissions for our temp account to try to see the actual issue – cannot access widgets page. Can you pls provide admin permission?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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