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    First of all Agile is a great theme and easy to customize, so good job to those involved!

    I have 2 issues at the moment that I hope can be resolved.

    1) Drop down menus are missing in chrome, I think this may be related to the # page section anchor links in these menus as was mentioned in previous topics, but apparently the fix should be in the latest package on codecanyon which I have, and still no drop-down menus in chrome. Does anyone else have the same issue or a solution for this?

    2) The spinner used for the general theme/page loading animation (the colored ball). Where does one customize that?




    I was hoping someone might have had some experience with he first issue above (primary menu: drop down menus not working in chrome, not working on hover in firefox).

    As above I have the latest agile theme updates from my codecanyon account.

    Would really appreciate some help as this is an urgent matter as I can’t easily swap out the default menu.

    I can pass on the site URL to support but a modified hosts file is required.



    Hi, we’d really need for you to send us a link or a temp user, since we cannot check where this issues are taking place otherwise.

    Let us know and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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    Everything looks normal on the website. No errors and files look ok. Have you tried disabling all plugins to see if the issue goes away? I see at least a plugin called Floating Menu WordPress plugin which is supposed to work on WP navi menus as well. Not sure why you need this and may be that is the culprit. All the submenu items are populated.

    This is just a Javascript issue and navigation menu content looks perfect. Have not seen anything like this before – specially with no errors at all in the site. The script were all checked and they look fine.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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