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    im using the wordpress seo plugin for the titles and metatags
    my problem is that in the portfolio pages, the name of the website is being added at the end of all titles, like here:

    i have gone to the settings of the plugin and in the template taken out %%title%% from the end but it still happens

    anybody having this issue who may have found a solution?
    thank you so much


    Hi! I believe the problem is coming form the plugin configuration. You can check for compatibility issues between WP, the plugin and the Theme.
    You’d need to download the latest version of the Theme, the latest WP update and check if the plugin is compatible with Wp latest version.



    I believe you need to explicitly specify the title for each portfolio entry in the portfolio edit window under WordPress SEO options so that it overrides the default configuration of appending the title of the website.


    * i already have latest versions of all of them, its all freshly installed days ago, all latest versions, well at least versions i downloaded 5 days ago from your website and plugins website, wordpress website, should be latest versions
    * i already filled in the title in the wordpress SEO edit title area, already did that,
    but its still using the template setting of the plugin to append the name of website at the end, its really odd

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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