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    Please have a quick look here:

    This is the demo data loaded, with nothing else done yet. So it *should* look right.

    However, the menu and some other fonts are not right: Lato is being overwritten by Georgia in the CSS (hierarchy of execution). Not sure what’s the deal there.

    Can LiveMesh guru person please have a look and tell me what’s doing it.

    As best I can tell there should be nothing different from your own default site.

    Incidentally, with the latest version of RevSlider (I think) there’s no Punch Fonts plugin any more. Certainly it’s not in my Admin menu. Unlike your demo. But since the fonts are loading, just not displaying properly, I can’t see that being the issue.

    Keen to get this sorted.


    Alister Cameron


    This is because we have added some custom CSS in our demosite.
    You can use the following custom CSS in themeoptions –

    button, .button, input[type=button], input[type="submit"], input[type="reset"], .timeline-footer .event-date, .timeline-footer .event-category, .subtitle, .client-testimonials2 .header cite, .page-links a, .page-links a:visited, .pagination a, .pagination a:visited, .pagination span.current, .contact-form ::-webkit-input-placeholder, .wpcf7-form ::-webkit-input-placeholder, .post-snippets .type-course .course-id, .course-details .course-information .label, .dropdown-menu-wrap ul li a, blockquote .author, blockquote em, blockquote i, blockquote cite, #top-header-area li, #top-header-area li a, .comment-reply-link, .comment-edit-link, .comment-reply-link:visited, .comment-edit-link:visited, #course_navigation .learndash_nevigation_lesson_topics_list .lesson a, .widget_course_return, #course_navigation .widget_course_return a, #course_navigation .learndash_topic_widget_list a > span, #course_navigation .learndash_nevigation_lesson_topics_list .lesson, .widget_ldcourseinfo #ld_course_info #course_progress_details > strong, .widget_course_return, #course_navigation .widget_course_return a, .wpProQuiz_forms table td label, .wpProQuiz_maxtrixSortText, .wpProQuiz_sortable, .wpProQuiz_sortStringItem {font-family:"Lato";}
    #learndash_lessons a, #learndash_quizzes a, .expand_collapse a, .learndash_topic_dots a, .learndash_topic_dots a > span, #learndash_lesson_topics_list span a, #learndash_profile a, #learndash_profile a span, .wpProQuiz_questionListItem input[type="radio"], .wpProQuiz_questionListItem input[type="checkbox"], .wpProQuiz_questionListItem span {font-family:"Lato" !important;}

    To clarify on this – we did go this route to overcome the limitations of a Serif font like Georgia and also to help support the functionality of being able to change the body font and heading font separately in Theme Options. Serif font Georgia just did not seem to look right in many situations where body font would be natural choice (as in top primary menu for example) and hence we had to override the CSS code generated via our theme options to achieve the typography that we liked.

    If you decide to change the fonts from theme options to something other than the defaults chosen by the theme – Lato for headings and Georgia for body, you would probably won’t need the Custom CSS above specially if you choose a Sans Serif or a Slab font as your body font. Some serif fonts (like Merriweather) too would do well without the above Custom CSS. We did not want to set the above elements to heading font (Lato) since users have a tendency to choose bold fonts for headings and having these elements inherit the heading font would ruin the typography and the font management through theme options would become impractical.

    Out of the 10+ themes we have implemented, the Invent theme is the only one where we had to take this route and again it is not needed for most font combinations. Hope this helps.

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