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    How do you add slides to the Generic Slider?


    Generic slider, as the name indicates, can take any HTML content that you would want it to display. Generally it would be a HTML or a series of divs with each list item or the div as single slide. Typical usage would be to display testimonials, client list, portfolio items, services content etc. Examples of its use are present in several home pages. Having type as slider or carousel just changes the styling for sliders. You would use type ‘carousel’ (not sure that the best use of the word) if you are just displaying simple slider, smaller in dimension. Something bigger, occupying full width of the page would be of type ‘slider’ (default). Here is one example –

    [generic_slider type="carousel" height=200 time_between_slides=3000 desired_effect="fade"]
    <li>[image align="left" size="small" title="Image with link to" link="" src=""] <h4>Lorem ipsum Dolor</h4>Enthusiastically empower world-class niche markets after clicks-and-mortar value. Assertively recaptiualize client-based partnerships for clicks-and-mortar mindshare whereas seamless customer service. Continually empower cross functional internal or "organic" sources.</li>
    <li>[image align="left" size="small" title="Image with link to" link="" src=""]<h4>Ut Enim ad Minim</h4> Credibly incubate stand-alone opportunities after low-risk high-yield testing procedures. Monotonectally optimize collaborative applications for transparent platforms. Appropriately evisculate just in time collaboration and idea-sharing whereas interdependent technologies.</li>
    <li>[image align="left" size="small" title="Image with link to" link="" src=""]<h4>Stet clita Gubergren</h4>Compellingly initiate tactical e-business after adaptive catalysts for change. Professionally disintermediate cross-unit potentialities whereas top-line content.Enthusiastically myocardinate front-end catalysts for change without out-of-the-box data.</li>

    Hope this helps.


    That is awesome. How do you get rid of directional arrows and just let it rotate auto?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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