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    Hi Code Master,

    In the older version of Invent theme, there was “custom-post-types.php” where I could change name, singular_name, menu_name and add_new names for WordPress admin menu on the left hand side.

    When I updated to new version of Invent theme, this is all gone..
    I need to change following text appeared in menu section.

    *Departments, Departments, Add New
    *Staff Profiles, Staff Profiles, Add New, Specializations
    *Courses, Courses, Add New
    *Team Profiles, Team Profiles, Add New, Departments
    *Testimonials, Testimonials, Add New

    By the way, I use a child theme to customize the theme. I am basically not touching parent theme.

    I appreciate your support.
    Thank you.


    I just would like to give you an update.
    I could change all the labels (mentioned above) in the admin menu by using add_action function register_post_type & taxonomy.

    However inside “Testimonial” admin editing page, I cannot change columns title names inside table TH tags such as Title, Testimonial name, image, details or order…
    I tried to write following in functions.php but only label name could change to Voice.

    add_action('init', 'makeCustomPostType');
    function makeCustomPostType(){
      register_post_type('testimonials', array(
        'label' => 'Voice',
    	'public' => true,
    	'columns' => array(
    		'title' => 'Name',		   
    		'testimonial' => 'Details',
    		'testimonial-customer-image' => 'Picture',
    		'testimonial-customer-name' => 'Place',
    		'testimonial-customer-details' => 'Date',
    		'testimonial-order' => 'Order',

    Obviously columns array does not do anything here…
    It would be amazing if you could give me some magic code.


    Could you take a look at this ticket?
    I also attached the image so that you know what I am after..
    Thank you:-)


    This issue is already fixed in the dev build. Pls expect the update to roll out tomorrow.

    Thanks for reporting this to us.


    Yes I know you are going to update shortcode for testimonial in the livemesh invent plugin and thank you! However I guess you might have missed my original question in this particular thread.. Please see the #32012 (and the attached picture) again. I would like to change the top wording of each table cell.


    You can use the translation files to change the wordings. With the new update, if you update the translation files in the languages folder of the plugin Livemesh Themes Addons, you should be able to see the strings as being available for translation.

    Have submitted the update. It should be approved soon by the reviewers. Thanks for helping us find these issues.


    Thanks for that. I could do what I wanted:)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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