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    I seemed to have gotten everything uploaded correctly… but for one area.

    The Branding Services section does not have the formatting or icons like the template.

    Can anyone assist as to why this one section doesn’t work?



    I see that you are using the Cherry Plugin. I think this is the one which is messing up the styling of the theme. Please deactivate the plugin and see whether it helps. If not please reply here as a private message with a temp login to your site so that I can fix the issue for you. Thanks for purchasing our theme! Cheers.


    That worked perfectly, thank you so much!

    Now I just need how to customize the icons for that section…

    And noticed this, in the text on the Contact page section? Why does it still have the URL image source coded this way?

    [segment class=”dark-bg” background_speed=0.2 background_image=””%5D


    This is just a WordPress shortcode which takes an image URL as an argument and generates the required HTML. Makes it easier for users to handle features which otherwise would require them to handle complex HTML to make parallax work.

    For icon customization, pls refer to the following documentation –

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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