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    We are using AppDev for our company website, and so far, we have been successful at implementing everything we wanted.

    We are now willing to add a multilingual layer to our website, and unfortunately, things don’t go as smoothly.

    We tried to use the Polylang plugin. In some cases, the multi language does work, but mostly, it seems like the theme and the Polylang plugin have conflicts.

    For instance, we can’t reliably have the language switcher menu to appear with the AppDev menu. (We double checked that the menu was well defined in the Appearance/Menus section).

    There are other various issues (with blog posts for example), but the main question is: What is the proper way to make a multilingual site with the AppDev theme? (With a permanent switch allowing to go to another language for the current page/post/section etc.)

    We didn’t find any indication towards this aspect in the AppDev documentation.

    Thank you for your help. Best Regards.

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    WPML works well with our themes and we have tested our themes with the plugin (Also it is the most popular multilingual plugin). We haven’t tested our theme with Polylang plugin and I would recommend you use WPML instead. Many of our buyers have used WPML to create multilingual site and so far haven’t heard about any serious issues.

    Hope that helps. Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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