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    Hello Code master.

    I realized that the site isn’t loading any single post at all… In the blog top, you can see all the post in order (new to old) but when you click to view each single post in detail, it says the page doesn’t exist (404 Not Found).

    This is also already happening when I write a new post or update existing posts then click to view post option just underneath the title editing bar, the page that directs is 404 Not Found… Why is this? Very strange. I can create posts and they exist but cannot see single posts is that something to do with single.php coding error?

    If you could look into this, it is helpful.
    By the way, the server side firewall (WAF) is currently deactivated.
    Thank you!


    I would like to add bit of extra information…

    It seems like it is something to do with category.
    I imported all the appdev contents prior to build the site and there are couple of category name like business, nature and Uncategorized. When I choose them as a category to post / publish or update post, there is no 404 error.

    If I choose category name for example “Product” (slug name: product) for post, 404 error occurs when trying to view the single page. As I explained earlier blog page (view all post page) shows all the post (even post that uses category name “product”) but not single page…

    Hope my writing makes sense.


    Does this happen with category name other than product too? I am just thinking loud here – may be a conflict with the product custom type defined by woocommerce.


    Thank you for looking into this.
    You are right!!! I changed “product” to “products” and 404 error doesn’t occur!!!
    I appreciate your quick support as always:-)))


    Thanks for letting us know. Appreciate it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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