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    isaac pinkoisaac pinko

    Hello. my anchors are working great from withing the homepage.
    But when i go to about page for example and click on navigation menu link “pricing” or “products” which are anchor texts, it takes me only half the way until the animation and stuck in there. only refreshing the page brings me to where i actually wanted.

    I tried:
    1. disable all plugins
    2. just in case disable all my css modifications
    3.change the link in menu versions to: “” “” only “/#anchorlink”
    4. Tried few browsers

    none of the above helped.

    you can see it in my website
    click on “pricing” or “products” from within the homepage and see it’s working great. but from about page or other page it will not.

    isaac pinkoisaac pinko

    sorry, my website is


    Not sure that will fix the issue but you have a JS error in your site and I am not able to navigate your site as instructed by you from about page to home page. Looks like the help icon menu item does not have a link url specified or blanked out and hence the error. Can you pls enter the same and see if things look better? Pls make sure all of the menu items have a link URL as # at least.

    isaac pinkoisaac pinko

    I don’t know how another navigation menu item is connected to my problem, but it helped 🙂
    thank u very much my friend.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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