Reply To: Portfolio Entry Organization


I have created all my portfolio categories and plugged in this shortcode into a couple of test portfolio posts from your link:

[show_post_snippets number_of_columns=3 post_count=6 image_size=’medium’ show_meta=’false’ terms=”albumart” taxonamy=”portfolio_category” post_type=”portfolio”]

which has done something to separate them into specific portfolio sections but all portfolio posts still show up on all portfolio pages underneath the correct entries. How can I eliminate these thumbnails that show up at the bottom?

(The attached image has two portfolio entries under ‘apparel’ with an extra row of thumbnails at the bottom which includes entries from my portfolio section ‘albumart’.)

Also, I’m not sure why the thumbnails of the featured images of the portfolio postings show up as different sizes?

Please let me know how I can resolve this- thanks!