Reply To: Maintaining natural height of images in the blog post


Here is the solution you requested –

Modify the utilit-functions.php file in the {wp-installation}\wp-content\themes\enticing\framework\functions directory. FYI – the only change I made was to change the line towards the end of the utility-functions.php file –

$args['image_size'] = 'list-thumb';
$args['image_size'] = array(width => 628, height => 0);

Keeping height 0 helps timthumb auto calculate the height based actual image size.

Then, prevent css from styling it to old image size by pasting the below in Custom CSS tab of options panel or into custom.css file in /custom folder.

.image-container.full .thumbnail {
width: 628px;
height: auto;

Hope this helps. Let us know if you still see issues. Email me in case you need the modified php file with the change in it.