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    Ian SavocaIan Humbert-Prince

    seems elements are not WPML-compliant thus pretty much useless in multi-language environment :/
    Except for ones that do not not rely on text.




    Would you mind giving us a few days time to look into this? We are presently trying to complete a major new module which requires our focus and time and would be willing to take this up next as an improvement. The plugin follows the standards including those prescribed by Elementor API but if WPML requires some custom configuration to make translation work, we haven’t done the same with our plugin. Thanks.


    BTW, I should mention that the plugin has been tested to ensure that it is translatable via tools from like POEdit.

    Heinz RobertHeinz Robert

    I am using Livemesh Services Widget in Elementor and do not see this widget in the translation page. All other element I see and am able to translate.


    In the plugins folder you can find a folder named “languages” in that you can find translatable po files.

    You can use a translation file (using POEdit to change the data in languages directory) to change to any string you like. If you do an update in the en_US.po (or another depending on your site language) file, you should see all the translatable strings in the strings list . You would then be able to input any alternate string of your choice there.

    Here you can download poedit – https://poedit.net/

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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