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    With upgrade to 3.9, the shortcode panel in the visual editor raises a script error and the shortcode chosen is not inserted into the editor. Here is the fix for the shortcode panel –

    Pls replace line number 286 of framework/admin/tinymce/tinymce.js file (note: line number can vary slightly between themes and hence pls look for exact string below and replace) from –

    window.tinyMCE.execInstanceCommand('content', 'mceInsertContent', false, shortcodeText);


    tinyMCEPopup.editor.execCommand('mceInsertContent', false, shortcodeText);

    and things should work normally.


    Apologies. I didn’t realize I’d left the Extinct forum.



    I’m having some problems inserting shortcodes.

    I’ve tried locating line number 286 (approximately) of framework/admin/tinymce/tinymce.js file but I don’t know where to find that file for starters.




    I am also having this issue. Shortcodes are not inserting into page/post. Also, there seems to be no way to install another editor while this theme is installed. We would like to use the shortcode menu in the admin and hope that there is a support option for this. Other than that, it’s a very nice theme.

    If someone from this company would be willing to address this or point us in the right direction for a solution, we would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you!


    Hi, I have also upgraded to 3.9 and experienced the Shortcode problem.

    I have amended the tinymce.js file and uploaded this in place of the old file, but it still does not work.

    When I click on ‘Insert’, the browser does nothing until I click ‘Cancel’ and nothing appears.


    Pls clear the browser cache and see if that helps. Should work with the latest update of the theme released a day ago.


    Cleared the cache but it still doesn’t work.


    I’ve made the change the tinymce.js file, and have no cache to clear. Still not working.


    As a developer, I understand this is an huge inconvenience. I’m sure you all are working hard and diligently to rectify this issue. However, it would behoove both the developers and end-users if you would provide a complete list of all shortcodes available in this theme with the documentation. Just a thought. Thank you.


    Hi, i have the Same problem i Cant use the shortcode plugin.

    Can you please send me the list of the codes ?

    So i can type them my self.

    Thank you.


    The ‘disgruntled factor’ is going up. A portion of my website work is at a halt without the shortcodes. You could solve this issue for myself and many others if you would post the shortcode list in the mean-time. Please. Thank you.


    Sorry folks for the trouble. Whoever is having trouble with 3.9, pls send me an email with a temporary login to your dashboard and we can apply this fix this for you. Pls use the bottom right box on our ThemeForest profile page – http://themeforest.net/user/livemesh to email us. I can positively assure you that the issue will be resolved.

    We recently updated Agile/Austin documentation with complete list of shortcodes with every option documented. For other themes, we have captured most of the shortcodes in the sample pages for shortcodes. Hope we will be able to update other themes soon with the list of shortcodes like we did for Agile/Austin. Meanwhile, pls do reach out to us and we will be willing to patch the theme for you while we ready the updates to be released this week for all. Thanks for your patience.


    Have sent an email to cmdlinegeek and bijds asking for temp login information. Pls provide the same. Thanks

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    cliftonecreate – your installation is updated and things are looking fine. Pls clear the cache just in case you still see trouble. Also, try updating to latest version of the theme whenever you get a chance. Thanks

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