What is the purpose of Segment ID and CLASS?

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    Hello again,

    I understand the purpose of having the segment shortcode. However, I have read the AppDev documentation but I cannot find any information on the purpose of the Segment shortcode tags such as ID or class.

    For example the following doesn’t tell me WHY they exist:

    All parameter values are optional and they are are explained below –
    id – The id of the wrapper HTML element created by the segment shortcode.
    class – The CSS class of the HTML element wrapping the content.

    I see in the example Page Section each section opens up with a segement shortcode followed by ID and Class. But nowhere is it explained *why* these are important and *how* to set them up.

    Why do I need a Segment ID? Why do I need a Segment class?

    I am just concerned that the purchasers of this theme need to know CSS to use this theme to its fullest potential.


    The id and class exists as a help. In fact lots of short codes come with an optional id and class that you create custom styling of your own. It is just a way to mark a content for custom styling or scripting in CSS/JS. If you are comfortable with CSS you can use it or if you do not see any need for custom styling you can ignore the same.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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