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    code text shows up behind all portfolio pages?

    Also, how can I edit the PROJECT DETAILS and other description headings in portfolios?
    How do I take off POWERED BY WORDPRESS etc.?

    Thank you, I really like this template a lot!



    I see the under construction page right now.

    About the problem –
    This might be happening because you haven’t set the category to any of the portfolio items. Please set a category to the portfolio items and you will not see those warnings. Thanks.

    To edit project details, click on the “Portfolio” section in the dashboard and choose the project to edit.

    You can change the footer text (Powered by WordPress etc) by going to the “Appearance > Theme Options > Footer” and insert your text into the Footer Insert textbox.



    Yeah, when I started using the categories it disappeared.

    I want to edit the actual word PROJECT or CLIENT. This person has CUSTOMERS.

    Regarding the footer, I need to add a link to my webpage.

    I have access to any files via Cpanel and limited experience but can usually figure stuff out.
    Please let me know where to find the above so I can change it.



    To edit the actual text of the project details, you will want to see this forum post

    And regarding the footer text, you can insert any html there. For example copy the following code and modify it to your liking

    Copyright © 2013 freewaystar Visit my Website and some more text.
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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