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    I updated my theme and WordPress and now visual composer is not showing on the backend, any advice?


    Pls update Visual Composer plugin and see if that helps .

    You can find plugin files in Visual_Composer-Templatera folder , you need to update both js_composer and templatera .


    I did update it and that’s where the problem arose. I downgraded the VC to previous version of VC and it works fine. I did not update templatera as there was was no update for it


    Can you pls share a temp login to your site as a private msg ?
    Have you made any changes in theme files ?
    Can i delete the theme and reinstall?

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    where you able to test the problem?


    I have updated VC and templatera and deactivated some plugins, now edit page loads fine .
    Pls check now.
    Pls activate one plugin at a time and find the culprit plugin.



    I didn’t install any other plugin than the ones that came with the theme


    I haven’t deactivated any plugin that comes with theme . You can see the deactivated plugins in plugin’s screen.
    You just need to activate one plugin at a time and check exactly which plugin was causing that issue.


    It’s my backup software. I will contact their support about the issue

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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