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    I have 2 little questions, hopefully you can help me with this:
    • For the event listing (upcoming events) i would like to have the view as the screenshot i attached… what i have to do to get that?
    • Is there a way to also list past events?


    Looks like the screenshot was not attached somehow. Pls do the same. There is a shortcode for upcoming events which looks like this –

    [upcoming_events post_count=3 class="simple-list" all_events_link="false"]

    Past events are listed via events page by Event Calendar. This events page is created for you when you load Events Calendar. Also, pls check for documentation and support forum for Events Calendar plugin for more information.


    i found that code.. but doesn’t give the results what i want…

    all i want to have the listings (also from the different categories… in the original style as i found on the website from “The Events Calendar” … proberbly i just have to copy some code back.. but i am not a big hero in coding, so i hope you guys can help me in the right direction

    i try to attach the screenshot again, hopefully it works now


    Pls activate the ‘The events calender’ plugin,then you can see an events option as in the screenshot.
    There you will get lots of options on events as you require.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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