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    I’d like to create sub pages that can use Page Sections like Flex Ticker, but with new photos, etc.

    Right now, if I drop Flex Ticker onto a new page, I can’t swap out photos for just this page.

    Thank you


    Are you saying specifying new images to the flex ticker shortcode does not work in another page? Or is it that you are trying to add two flex tickers to a single page? Pls clarify.


    I’ve created a subpage and I’d like it to have a Flex Ticker, but with different photos from the ones I have on the homepage.

    To answer your question, the shortcode does work on another page, but presents an identical Flex Ticker. I’d like to be able to have new photos on this page.



    You will need to insert new image URLs in the shortcode img element (probably create another page section or you can insert the new shortcode element directly in the page if you choose Full Width template for the subpage) –

    [ticker_slider messages="We are Creative,We Create Brands,We Design Stunners,We Make The Web" animation_speed=600 slideshow_speed=5300]
    • slide1
    • slide2
    • slide3
    • slide4

    thanks so much for the info, Meteorite. That solved the problem!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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