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    Can you help me fix the two Showcase sections that I have? What did I do wrong? Thank you!

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    I know you helped me not have two Showcase sections. Thankful for that.

    But when I click the checkbox for the Showcase in the Single Page Options on the Home page to “Choose the Page Sections for display”, it still shows two Showcase section.

    When I deselect the checkbox for Showcase, it shows only one Showcase section but the nav bar link doesn’t jump to #showcase for the parallax “one page” feature.

    Thank you for your help one more time!


    I have unchecked the features section. The features section combines both the features and showcase, while the showcase section has got only the showcase iPhone in it. As you can see the in the demo site, there is features section in home1 and in home2 there is only the showcase section. You can add one of them to your page or you can create your own sections with specific code in it.


    Thank you! Didn’t realize! Perfect.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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