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    my website was working all right. But since a couple of day it is awfully slow. >20 sec response time.

    Slowness is only on the webpages, dashboard and admin functions are normal. I disabled all plugins, but that does not make any difference. shows that theme is waiting to connect to Maybe that is the reason for the problem.

    Please help!. I am using wordpress 4.2.2 on ubuntu, medium sizes AWS. No changes made from my side.

    cu RR


    Additional information: I disabled “smooth page load” in general options of the appdev theme. No effect.

    On inspection of http traffic I saw that there is a request to which results in the error “Font family not found”. I do not understand why this happens, and therefore do not know, whether this is linked to my load problem.


    Changing the fonts in the theme option does remove the error in the http traffic. But unfortunately does not have any effect on the slowness of the site. What to do??

    What is happening in the request to why are there these requests? Why are these requests together with bg-repeat.jpg and back-to-top.png started after a delay of 18 sec?

    See waterfall diagram in original post.


    In my case, the site was just waiting to connect to some server and ultimately spit out this connection timed out error –

    I notice that the slowdown is entirely on the client side browser since the source(view-source: is served almost instantaneously and I see that you have taken care to enable caching.


    Meteorite, thanks a lot for your investigation in this issue!

    Interesting! I will look into this. How did you get this message (which tool did you use to get this information)?

    Looking at google’s page speed I get the message that there are java-scripts “below the fold” blocking rendering of the page. Something that fits to the behaviour, that the page seems to be blank for quite a while from the perspective of the user.

    Have you seen something like this before? And what to do about it?

    The message reads
    Entfernen Sie JavaScript, das das Rendering blockiert (meaning the following javaScript is blocking the rendering of the content “above the fold”):…-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js?ver=1.11.2…s/jquery/jquery-migrate.min.js?ver=1.2.1…v/js/libs/jquery.easing.1.3.js?ver=4.2.2…ent/themes/appdev/js/menu_patch_hover.js
    Optimieren Sie die CSS-Darstellung für die folgenden URLs (means: optimize CSS for the following URLs):…wp/assets/css/checkbox.min.css?ver=2.3.4…mes/appdev/css/prettyPhoto.css?ver=4.2.2
    (… cut here fore brevety)

    status of the investigation: Two hot leads – a) timeout to old server, b) render blocking JS
    server, hosting, database, etc. are not the root cause. My assumption (and believe) that this is a spontaneous issue, can no longer regarded to be valid. I keep you posted.


    I just use the Chrome Dev Tools (View->Developer->Developer tools).

    Regarding the blocking JS, you need to get rid of that script menu_patch_hover.js. I am not sure from where it is coming from since it is not part of the theme itself.


    Hello meteorite, you solved problem! Thank you so much.

    What happened: There was a change done on JS. Not done in child theme (bad) and with a hard coded ip (even worse). Anyhow this was pointing to an old server. It passed tests, because the script was pulled from the old server unnoticed and everything worked.

    Then the old server had been decommissioned and we observed the bad loading times. For analysis we started with profiling tools, which (interestingly) did not point us directly to this problem.

    Lessons learned: Do an integrity check for the theme versus child theme as part of testing. Always look at the developer tools of the browser (chrome or safari).

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