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    Mark Steigmanmyala

    According to the documentation, the header section of theme options should include social media links. They do not appear in this section in theme options for me?  WHat am I doing wrong?

    Mark Steigmanmyala

    I should have added that I have moved the blog to it’s own server for the time being (stand alone WordPress Install) and most things are looking as it should so my previous issue is resolved, thank you for your help on that issue. Now need to figure out what’s wrong with the issue I introduced here.


    Sorry for the confusion – the social icons were initially in the header on the top right of the page and then moved to the footer due to design change. The nature of the top dropdown menu does not allow us to place the social icons in the header on the top. The documentation reference to it still there looks like – I missed it completely. Will update the same in the next update. If you need social icons, there are two ways –

    1) Use the widget named Social Networks and drag and drop it into any widget area you want. I prefer to keep it in the footer since it stays in every page.

    2) Other way is to use the shortcode –


    You can paste this anywhere you want in any page or into any text widget. As an example, pls see ‘contact us’ page.

    Hope this meets your need.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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