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    Hi, I have a testimonials slider on an about us page which I am trying to set the pause time for. Is there a piece of code to do this, similar to:’ animation=”fade” ‘?

    I have tried ‘ pause=”6000″ ‘ but this seems to do nothing, I have also tried setting a different pause time under theme options then flex slider but still no joy – http://managingthemist.com/devnomoredull/about-us

    One other thing, on my homepage I have the portfolio slider working but the size of each image seems to be a bit random until you visit the portfolio page – http://managingthemist.com/devnomoredull

    Thanks in advance for your help


    the ] after 6000 is actually meant to be “


    For the first issue, you can use the value slideshow_speed=3000 or any other value of your choice. It sets the amount of time between each slideshow interval, in milliseconds.

    Other attributes are animation_speed (takes numbers – default is 600), animation (fade or slide).

    Second issue – that’s how the flexslider carousel operates. At times, the images get cut off a little bit at the right. I think it’s a little more intuitive with touchscreen devices where the user can just slide using touch exactly the amount required. I am looking for a better solution myself. Hope it’s not too much of an issue. As an alternative you can use the shortcodes documented in the page –


    Hope this helps.


    that’s great thanks.

    one other thing, although i have chosen the red skin, all the buttons are still blue. how would i make sure they are all red?



    Since button color is part of post/page content (not templates or the framework), they do not change based on skin chosen. Have a look at the page –


    Possible colors are listed there along with the code at the bottom of the page.

    Pls use one of these colors – cyan, red, blue, orange, green, teal, black, pink when you supply color to the shortcode

    [button color="blue" href="#" align="left" size="large"]My button[/button]

    Also, nothing to do with buttons and just my suggestion –

    To enhance the look of the website, you may want to take a shot at using a custom font as described in the post –



    great, thank you!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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