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    I need help customising the team slider please:

    1. How can I show emails next to the ‘connect now’ text on the slider? And how can the ‘connect now’ text be removed altogether?

    2. How can I have 2 different team sliders on different pages with different members?

    Many thanks for your help in advance.

    Alina Stan


    1) I discovered a small issue with email. Pls change the line number 38 of framework/shortcodes/team-shortcodes.php file to –

    $output .= '
  • ';

    and then if you specify the email in the team member edit UI, you should be able to see the email icon with the right URL in the team slider.

    Will have this change in the next update so that you do not have to repeat it later.

    2) To change the ‘Connect Now’, you can use a translation file (po/mo file) for your language (en_US.po for default WP installation). Pls use an editor like POEdit for this.

    Alternatively, you can change the line number 211 of framework/shortcodes/team-shortcodes.php file to remove the Connect Now string from the PHP code.

    3) Pls categorize team members into departments and then use the department attribute in the [team_slider department=”marketing”] to display team members selectively.


    Did you mean to say the ‘social-shortcodes.php’ file? Line 38 in the ‘team-shortcodes.php’ file is completely different from the line it should be changed to. The reason I ask is because the email link on the team sliders is not working for me. The link keeps resolving to this format –>


    Sorry, my mistake – yes, the right file is social-shortcodes.php file. The code I sent will rectify the link issue you mention.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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