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    I did a fresh install after WordPress 3.9 in case that resolves it, but Team Profile featured images still do not display on our site. The rest of the profiles (text) display fine.

    On individual Edit Profile pages, the featured image is selectable and shown, but in the Team Profiles menu, featured image thumbnails do not display.

    If I go to the Team Member attachment page (by clicking the broken thumbnail), the source of the image shows that it isn’t even getting the src for the image.

    Our site is “”. (Jump to the team section using “Crew” from the menu.) The attachment page for the first team member is “”, where you can confirm it isn’t getting the src.


    The issue could be the same as this . Besides, if you can send me a login to your site, I can confirm whether the issue is the same or something else. Thanks!


    Totally fixed my issue. Thank you!

    We recently moved the site onto an AWS instance and I forgot about the dependencies. Glad to see it wasn’t an incompatibility thing. Good work keeping the theme up to date, futureproofed, or black magicked. 😀

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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