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    I think these are going to be my last 2 questions… I want to say thanks to all your team since I think this is one of the best themes of themeforest and with a great support service.

    The 1st question is this: I have tryed to implement target blank in some links but when the link is inside a button shortcode the target blank does not work. Could you give me a solution for this?

    The last one is much easier, I’m trying to translate the word home in breadcrumbs… In which file should I look for? Thanks in advance…


    Thanks for your kind words. The button shortcode has its parameter named slightly differently as link_target instead of target (probably not a great idea) and hence you would use link_target=”_blank” inside this shortcode.

    For changing the Home, either you can map this string in the translation file (po/mo file) if this site is configured for a different language or you can modify the file /framework/functions/breadcrumbs.php at line number 25.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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