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    Hi There,

    I had a few in-depth questions regarding the AppDev style sheet and how to edit a few items.

    1) We installed Yoast For SEO, and now the web tag is repetitive. How would we remove the repetition? (attachment ‘webtag’)

    2) We currently have 1 parent page and respective page sections shown in the menu. We’d like to physically hide the ‘Home’ menu item (from being shown on the homepage) and keep the page sections visible. (attachment ‘menu’)

    3) We currently use the AppDev #2 layout with a static header image. Is there a way to add text under the tagline? The goal would be to have this new inserted text be responsive (attachment ‘Header Image’)

    4) How to change the carrier and time text within the phone in order to resemble iOS 8. (attachment ‘phone’)

    5) Right now there is a lot of spacing within the text paragraphs, how would we adjust this within the style sheet to limit the spacing between paragraphs? (attachment ‘spacing’)

    6) Our buttons are extremely close to forms/paragraphs – how would we add pixels/margins between them? (attachment ‘button spacing’)

    7) Removing the spacing between page sections (attachment ‘page sections’)

    8) Change header color non-home pages (attachment ‘separate pages color’)



    1.Pls clarify the question.

    2.Instead of using the inbuilt menu’s,Use custom menu.You can create it by going to Appearance -> menus option.

    3.You can add it in the Corresponding page section Edit window,so that it will be responsive.

    4.For that you have to add new iphone image,you can get the same by google search.

    5.Attachment is missing.Eventhough you can try the changes on margin for

    .for eg:
    You can add the following custom css in themeoptions and change the pixels provided for margins

    p {
    margin: 0 0 20px 0;

    6.Attachment missing! Pls try custom CSS ,for eg: add margin-top ,margin-bottom property in CSS.

    7.Attachment is missing.
    Pls try to reduce padding between the sections.For eg.In app features section you can reduce the spacing as shown below.

    #app-features {
    padding: 20px 0;

    8.In the page edit window you can find options to change the color under the head “custom header options”

    If you require further customization pls hire someone.It will be the best option.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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