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    Hi, I did post this in the comments but I thought it best to submit the problem here too.

    Any chance you know about all these errors I’m getting from Google since I started using your theme?

    Structured Data > hentry (markup: Missing: author Missing: entry-title Missing: updated

    Does tho slink help… something to do with how H1 titles are named?


    Can I know which page is actually is reporting this error. I have had others report these but that was only for updated attribute here –

    The entry-title, author and other classes part of hAtom format exist in each of the blog entries.


    Hi, I have the same problem here and maybe I found where it originates.

    Google Webmaster Tools is reporting “update AND author attribute” errors on pages having the widget “Most Popular Posts” (i.e.: )

    In the source-code of the page I found:

    </div></div></div><div id="mo-popular-posts-widget-4" class="widget popular-posts-widget widget-popular-posts-widget"><div class="widget-wrap widget-inside"><h3 class="widget-title"><span>Most Popular Posts</span></h3><ul class="post-list small-size">
    <div class="post-5152 post type-post status-publish format-standard hentry category-information tag-natale tag-smartphone tag-tariffe-cellulari tag-vodafone">
    <div class="image-area"><a title="Vodafone: Promozioni Natale 2013" href=" "><img  class="thumbnail" src="" alt="Vodafone: Promozioni Natale 2013" title="Vodafone: Promozioni Natale 2013"/></a></div>
    <div class="entry-text-wrap ">
    <div class="entry-title"><a href="" title="Vodafone: Promozioni Natale 2013" rel="bookmark">Vodafone: Promozioni Natale 2013</a></div>
    <div class="entry-summary">Vodafone: Promozioni Natale 2013 Si avvicina il periodo natalizio e, con lui, la caccia alla promozione...
    </div><!-- entry-summary -->
    </div><!-- entry-text-wrap -->
    </div><!-- .hentry --></li>

    I am sorry cannot paste as I would like 🙂

    Maybe it could help!



    Looks like Google is expecting author, date attributes on Most popular post entries listed in the sidebar. Have you checked to see if removing this widget makes the error to go away?

    I am not sure how to tackle this issue if Google expects this small post snippets to have all the hAtom attributes. May be we need to change the markup completely to make it not recognise it as a post. That has its own issues, BTW.


    Maybe I was able to resolve the issue.

    In: ./framework/functions/post-functions.php

    In: mo_get_thumbnail_post_list()

    Line 278:
    $output .= “\n” . ‘<div class=”‘ . join(‘ ‘, get_post_class()) . ‘”>’ . “\n”; // Removed id=”post-‘.get_the_ID() to help avoid duplicate IDs validation error in the page

    Changed in:

    $output .= “\n” . ‘<div class=”removed_by_franz”>’ . “\n”;

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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