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    On my site : the sticky menu sometimes wants to work, sometimes it doesnt. IF it does when you scroll back up, it doesn’t then show the sticky menu.

    Sticky menu is enabled.


    Can you pls deactivate all plugins once and see if that makes any change or not ?
    Are you using updated version theme?


    updated theme

    just tried the plugin idea and same problem


    There is a script error causing this issue. The error is is due to some of the menu items not having a URL associated with them. Pls provide a default link to the menu links – NYSME, Trains, Shows etc. They should not be kept empty.



    How do I make them non clickable then? I added “#” for the link and i don’t want that to show when they click it. It is just supposed to be a hover to other pages


    There is no easy way around this. I would suggest you leave it as it is since most won’t click on the page when a dropdown is presented on hover. I would suggest you link to the main page among the dropdown items just in case the user wants to skip the dropdown menu pages to avoid more details.

    We could have removed the restriction that a menu should have a link associated with it – but for a long time now WordPress has been forcing a link to be present when adding a menu item and you could erase it only by editing the menu item after addition(more of a after thought).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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