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    Hello! I’m needing help with everything to do with my staff’s photos.

    They look perfect when I use the “masonry” layout, but the text is different for each of them and it doesn’t lay them out nicely. I want them to be in perfect rows like the “fit rows” option. I’m just referring to the size of the pictures looking perfect.

    So should I put them on fit rows and then change the image size in the code? I have tried that route and can’t figure it out. I’ve changed where it says thumbnails to large and different things like that with no luck. Can you tell me where to edit code? For the staff page, where they are all listed and for their details page. The images are just being cut off, some cutting off the top of their head, so I just can’t have it doing that.

    I hope I’ve made the issue clear and you’re able to help me as this is obviously very important. I appreciate it very much!

    The website is I’ve got construction mode enabled so if I need to send you login information so you can see, please let me know as I need to get this solved quickly!


    Pls share temp login details here as a private reply.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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