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    Hello, I started fixing my problem by reading your responses to similar threads, but I don’t know how to access framework/extensions/stylizer.php. How can I find that? Once I do find it, what action do I take in the php file?

    A website I found via Google search says that, since my website is regular http and only the shopping cart uses https, I should remove http: from the CSS so that the browser can insert http or https as needed, avoiding errors. What’s your advice?


    should become

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    In your theme folder “austin” there is a folder called “framework” pls open the same and find the subfolder called “extensions” and in extensions subfolder – pls find the file stylizer.php .

    In stylizer.php you need to modify line no:205 to –

     $fonts_import .= '@import url(' . $fonts_to_import . ');';

    You can change the files by opening it in a text editor ,text editors have a function which provides the line number function.
    I would suggest you try out text editor like sublime text, notepad++ for this instead of using the system default.


    Same problem here with Agile theme. Easy fix for a next update. Thank you.


    This is better –

     $fonts_import .= '@import url(//' . $fonts_to_import . ');';

    and works for both http/https cases. This fix will be part of next update for all themes.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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