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    Hi there,

    the slider on the attached photo is great.
    While trying out the theme, I realized that there are 3 different frames you can choose from.
    I would really like to use a different custom frame (for an android phone).

    Could you tell me please, how I can insert an other individual frame?

    Thank you


    You can change it by replacing the image in the folder images/sliders/iphone-gold-slider-stage.png with your own. Plenty of images available online. Once you replace with your own, you can change or adjust the images to fit in the new frame.
    You may need to adjust this particular CSS –

    .iphone-slider-container .flex-slider-container {
        top: 19%;
        left: 14%;
        width: 71.8%;
        height: 65%;

    Thank you for the quick response.

    One again I have a question regarding the mentioned slider above.
    I would like to make some other customizations on this slider…

    Can you tell me if this slider is a plugin or is it programmed by yourself?
    If it is a plugin, can you tell me the name of it?

    Thank you


    It is not a plugin and was coded by us using the flexslider lib. You can refer to the flexslider documentation for additional information on customization of this slider.

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    Appreciate if you can open a separate thread. You can change the phone by replacing the image in the folder /images/sliders/iphone-gold-slider-stage.png or other images located in the same folder, depending on the iPhone slider you are using.

    Once you replace the same, pls post me a link to the site so that I can provide you with the exact CSS since it would depend on the replacement image dimensions.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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