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    Is it possible to setup a ‘single-page-site’ with a youtube video in the slider? I have tried Revolution Slider (followed the instructions in the user manual), however by selecting ‘Advanced Homepage’, the website is no longer single page styled. Can the other sliders do video? What’s the best & simplest solution?


    Hi, you can insert the video directly into the content of the webpage.
    Is there a specific reason why that wouldn’t work for you?


    The reason why I didn’t want to insert the video into the content section of the website is because it will be in the lower section. The header sliders is what the users will see first and get the most attention, hence I want to put it in the slider.


    Yes you can put a youtube video inside the Revolution slider and use it in a single page site. Can you post a private message here with the site url and login info so that I can take a look at the issue? Thanks!

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    I have created a slide in Revolution Slider with youtube video in it. The problem was with the fitvids plugin conflicting with the Revolution Slider, so I had to change a bit of code in the main.js file. I changed the code in line 647 from



    $("#content, #sidebar-primary, #footer").fitVids();

    We will take care of this issue in the next update. Hope that helps. Thanks!


    Thank you Nexus for doing that. I noticed the ‘Home’ template is still using ‘Single Page Site’ (which is not what was described in the instruction on how to use Revolution Slider). How did you tell the system to use Revolution Slider AND Single Page Site at the same time?


    I didn’t change the template to single page site. I just went ahead and disabled sliders on the homepage in theme options and put the Revolution Slider widget in “Homepage Slider Area”. We have mentioned this in the documentation. Thanks!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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