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    Hi, I need some advice. Whats the best way of creating just one page (my services page) with a full screen scrolling image behind with my page text floated on top. So really what i need is just a way of uploading a background image to a single page – as opposed to going the normal route and having the BG on every page, is there a straightforward way of doing this, or even a way around to achieve this? Cheers in advance for any advice


    Hi! My best guess is that you set with Custom CSS the background of the page’s body, having applied a distinctive class or ID to said page. Could you send us a link to your webpage so we can provide you with the code you need?


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    Hi! Let’s start by trying out the following CSS code in the Custom CSS Section:

    #content {background-image: yourimage URL;}

    If you can set this as the unique back ground for this page in particular, then you can work on the text as you wish to.



    Thanks for the reply, how can i make this specific to the services page tho? Presumably if i was to enter the suggested code in the Custom CSS it would effect all pages.

    Thanks again


    You can use

    .page-id-8 #content {background-image: yourimage URL;}
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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