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    Hi there,

    Live this theme and nearly finished.

    Here is the site.

    2 Questions please.

    1. The navigation menu tabs no longer work but nothing had changes. Page not found now. Please advise.

    2. In the showcase section, the second mobile, the top left PNG image I am trying to make it lower down tge page.

    I have done a hard return but when I publish, it doesn’t move.
    Please help.

    Many thanks.


    1) The navigation menu looks perfectly healthy and dropdown is working fine too. Pls clarify if you have some other issue with the navigation menu.

    2) The image pointers can be controlled through CSS. In your case, you just need this Custom CSS in the Custom CSS tab of theme options panel –

    #feature-pointers .wp-image-5001 {
    	top: 120px;
    	left: -20px;

    More details on how to control the position of the images here –

    In you case, the class of the image changed and hence I had to use .wp-image-5001 as class name.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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