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    I’ve moved the location of my site from a subdomain to my main domain (and edited the database URLs accordingly) and now all my Agile ‘Theme Options’ settings have been lost. Please advise.



    Sorry to hear this. Options should get retained across moves if just changed the domain name and not the DB itself. Did you remember to change the URL for the option siteurl and home option names in the wp_options table in the DB?

    Pls look for an option named option_tree in the DB and see if you still see all the options set by you stored as the value of this single option. This would be query for the specific DB in phpmyadmin –

    SELECT * 
    FROM  wp_options 
    WHERE  option_name LIKE  'option_tree'
    LIMIT 0 , 30

    Also, if you still have the old site running in the subdomain or if you can quickly revert to it, you can do a OptionTree->Export and Import in the WordPress admin instead of relying on the move to restore everything for you. Hope this helps.


    I’m not sure if this problem happened when I moved the site or when I deactivated/reactivated the Agile Child theme – maybe you could test the latter easily.

    I since been into the database and the problem seems to be that the index values in the options_tree data seem to have got changed somehow – maybe that was from deactivating/reactivating the theme?


    I don’t think this happened because of deactivating/reactivating the child theme. We keep changing the themes multiple times to test each theme update on our test servers and so far we don’t see any issues whatsoever. I went ahead and did a good amount of test to see whether I can reproduce this issue, but nothing strange happened.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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