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    I’m having some problems with setting up the portfolio section of the site.

    1. Site is set up as a multi page (non-single page site)
    2. on the “About us” page there is the “Services” slider
    – “See our portfolio” button doesn’t link anywhere; how can I make it link to a page that has either all the portfolio categories, which can be filtered at the top OR just the category with the related projects??

    For example: Websites, Mobile apps, Branding, Online advertising, Web strategy

    3. In the “Sections” module in WP admin, section: “Services” slider, how can I change 01 BRANDING, 02 LOGO DESIGN, 03 WEB DESIGN…? I believe these are project categories but why are ther only 4 listed and how do i chose which 4 to show?

    Many thanks,


    Also, I am having trouble with inserting images (screenshots) to replace the ones that came with the dummy content. What size should I upload and to shat size does the theme scale it down to? I see yours is 800x539px but when I do so the screenshot gets really mushy, faded and basically unreadable.



    For changing the link just change the href attribute of the shortcode used in the content for this –

    [button size="large" color="theme" href="#" ]See our Portfolio[/button]

    Basically you create a portfolio page and put the url for the page in the href attribute.

    The tab titles are not project/portfolio categories but just the titles of the tab as listed the content. Can you pls go through the documentation for [tab_slider] shortcode in detail and see what it involves to use this? You may have to switch to Text/HTML tab once to see the data-name attribute which helps set the title for the tab.

    If you upload a smaller yet clearer image, you should do better.


    Hey guys,

    I/m still having problems with my portfolio items :(. Coould you please take a quick look here:

    7others portfolio, Croatian national tourist board

    Check out the image that is in the place of a header (in the dashboard it’s the image “entry title background”. WHat size does this image need to be? I understand it’s not possible to achieve uniform display on all the available screen sizes but I think there is something wrong with the positioning.

    As if the image gets pushed (stretched) to the right and down. I wish to have this image shown at 100% on 1920px monitors (24inch wide displays), withoud scrolling down. On smaller sizes it’s ok if it needs to scroll.

    Many thanks and sorry to be a pain in the a*** I bet the solution is simple but I just cant seem to get it.



    We understand as the image looks fine, its not all stetched. Kindly clarify the issue if you didn’t get.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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