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    Hi, using this porfolio shortcode [show_post_snippets post_type="portfolio" number_of_columns=4 post_count=4 image_size='small'] I would like to show selected content from a category or range of order. Is there a solution? Thanks


    You can use the following shortcode arguments. Thanks –

    [show_post_snippets post_type="post" number_of_columns=4 post_count=8 image_size="medium" taxonamy= 'category' terms='news,announcements'] 

    For portfolio items, pls use –

    [show_post_snippets number_of_columns=3 post_count=6 image_size='large' show_meta='false' terms="inspiration,technology" taxonamy="portfolio_category" post_type="portfolio"]

    Hey Livemesh,

    Can any of these shortcodes be used to show the latest posts? I know there is a shortcode for latest posts, however it displays them one above the other. I was wondering whether there was a way to have the recent posts show up in 4 columns, exactly the way the portfolio is laid out please?

    Thanks for your support. You’ve been nothing short of fantastic so far!


    I think this will meet your need –

    [show_post_snippets number_of_columns=3 post_count=6 image_size='large' show_meta='false' terms="inspiration,technology" taxonamy="category" post_type="post"]

    But, I found that there is a slight typo in the theme which requires fix before you use this shortcode –

    Pls change the line 434 in framework/presentation/layout-manager.php code from –

    $thumbnail_output = mo_get_blog_thumbnail($thumbnail_size, $taxonamy);


    $thumbnail_output = mo_get_blog_thumbnail($image_size, $taxonamy);

    The fix will be part of the next update and hence this should one time change for you.


    That did the job perfectly. Thanks Livemesh!!


    [show_post_snippets number_of_columns=4 post_count=21 image_size=’small’ terms=”small-qurans” taxonomy=”portfolio_category” post_type=”portfolio”]

    i am using above short code me EXTINCT THEME in PAGE ATTRIBUTE Template = Portfolio 4 Column. I want to display categories of only category that i have selected. The problem is the template starts showing other categories items after the one i have written

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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