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    I’m trying to activate a second menu like the demo version with the two home pages. Home page 2 is supposed to only have the Intro section. Can you help please?

    I’m getting confused with the page menus and sections! I’ve created a duplicate menu but I don’t know how to get it show up on the nav bar.

    Thank you!


    I was not sure which page you wanted to set a second home page. Anyway, it is pretty easy – you just have to choose the menu in the Page Edit window like this –


    Also, pls try to upgrade to latest version of Appdev and WordPress. It makes it easier to create team profiles, testimonials etc. You will need to replace all theme files and redo any customization(file modifications – like the one on main.js file) that you may have done.


    Thank you – I will upgrade.

    Regarding the second homepage, when I click “Looptivity for Business” there is a 404 Page not found error. How do I link the page? Thank you again!



    This is happening because of the permission issue in the .htaccess file. This is an WordPress installation issue and not theme issue. Right now i have set the permalinks settings to default from the “post name” in the Settings > Permalinks in the dashboard. Now you will not see the 404 error.

    See this post for more info on using permalinks .
    Here is more info on resolving it




    I believe we’ve changed the permissions issue in the .htaccess file. But I’m still stuck!

    What I’d like to do is have the Home page act as a “one page site” (including the About Us) and then have two other pages that are found on the nav bar. I changed the primary custom menu for Looptivity for Partners to “One Page 2” which is the wordpress menu that includes the Looptivity for Partners and Contact Us but it’s showing a 404 error.

    We only have four pages from the nav: (two other links at the bottom)

    -Home (one page theme)
    -Looptivity for Partners (Intro + contact form)
    -About Us (one page theme)
    -Contact Us (built in shortcode contact us form)

    Right now the Looptivity for Partners and Contact Us have errors. I’d like them to have the url:
    and instead of the default permalinks.

    Thank you! Appreciate the help! Almost ready to launch!

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    Yayyy! It’s fixed now!


    Glad to hear that. Thanks for letting us know.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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