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    We are having a scroll bar issue. My computer is fine when I am scrolled to the top and shows the information beautifully, the client says she is scrolled all the way to top, as seen in the attached screenshot (see scroll bar on right), yet some of the top text is cut off. Sometimes she refreshes and it is fine sometimes she visits the test site and it shows up like the screenshot.

    Any idea why this happens and how to remedy it?

    Thank you,


    Can you pls vary the value of offset in the file js/main.js line number 79 and check if the problem goes away. You will need to put in a higher negative number than the -100 that we have here (say -200, -300). Since the header is a little bigger than normal, the sticky state is reached sooner even while the header is visible and hence blocking the view. –

    $('#header').waypoint('sticky', {
                        stuckClass: 'sticky',
                        offset: -100,

    If this does not resolve the issue, Pls reply as a private message here with the site URL and I can take a look. You may also email me the same (see bottom right box in my profile page). Thanks


    Thank you, we will try this out!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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