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    Hello, I apologize if this query appears to be basic. I have encountered several ways to update WordPress themes previously and wanted to know what is the recommended method to update the AppDev theme to a newer version while retaining all the existing settings?

    The YouTube video and the documentation covers a new installation and setup but not upgrading. Do I upload or FTP the new appdev folder to replace the old one directly? Should I activate a default WordPress theme first before replacing appdev and then reactivate the AppDev theme?

    I realize that I would need to manually reimplement any customizations I have made to core appdev files once I have updated the theme. I am currently on 1.5 and want to update to 2.5 and luckily I have a staging site setup so that I can test the update process before applying to the production site.



    The way I do is to put the site on maintenance mode and then replace the files as you describe via FTP. No need to activate the default theme as such; putting it in maintenance mode ensures no one is accessing the site while the files are being replaced. The theme options should not get disturbed during this process.

    Best way to manage this is to move all customizations (PHP/CSS at least) to a child theme so that you are free to upgrade in future. Appdev is mostly child theme friendly and hence you should be able to replace the built-in functions with your own in the child theme functions.php or should be able to override the classes in the parent theme. Requires a bit of work initially but once done, it’s a lot less headache than redoing all the customizations to the parent theme. The theme comes with a sample child theme to help with this. You can accomplish this move to child theme in the staging server, test it out to stay safe when you move the changes to the actual server.



    Can someone for LIVEMESH give me an update on how to upgrade the APPDEV theme properly so I won’t overwrite anything needed in headers etc.

    Also for curiosity, why do your themes not auto-update?

    A step by step best practices would be nice here. Sorry if it exists please point me to it.


    I use this handy plugin for auto updates of all plugins and themes –

    It makes a backup of the existing plugin/theme as well in the media folder so you can always revert back or refer to the earlier version. If you made any changes to the source files (instead of child theme), you will need to redo them of course no matter what method you use for updating. Hope this helps.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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