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    Hey Guys! Thanks again for your stellar theme and great support. I have a few more questions for you that I couldn’t find addressed on the forums. Thanks!

    1. I don’t use the revolution slider at all. What should I remove from the theme/pages/plugins/etc so that any revolution-related code doesn’t unnecessarily load and thus slow down the loading of my site?
    2. I use both Nevo/Flex sliders since I use Features and Features 2 pages on my home page. If I load the site (either in Safari or Chrome) and wait two minutes, 50% of the time both sliders will get “stuck” on the last slide in each section and no clicking on previous icons will change the slides. It feels like they are automatically set to loop a fixed amount of times and then get stuck on the last slide. But this doesn’t occur every time. Any thoughts?
    3. How do I edit the dedicated space/width setting for the name/logo at the top left? If I resize my browser window , the main nav menu moves from being at the top left to now being located under the under the name/logo, although there is plenty of room for the menu items to remain at the top left. It seems that there are fixed column widths and I want to reduce the first column width since my name/logo is very short
    4. Related to #1 above, I’ve been going through postings on the forums about speeding things up. You have done an awesome job of documentation for the products (both the index.html and in the forums), maybe you add one more document about tips to speed things up (besides you recommendation of things like WPCache plugin). Things like my question #1 or a list of things users can safely remove if they are not using them. This would include if a user imports the demo. It was easier for me to start the project that way, but I’m afraid I may have legacy things being loaded that arent necessary.


    If you do not want the revolution slider elements to load, just deactivate the plugin. The theme should work fine without activating the rev slider and deactivating ensures that no files relating to the rev slider loads. There is no better way to achieve this.

    Also, can you post the link to the page where you have Nivo/Flex slider loaded? I do not see one at present in the home page at least. Have not experienced this issue of slider “pause” before. Thanks.

    Also, your site seems to have some issue loading at times – the server just refuses to let us in. Pls check.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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